The Joint Primary Health Care Forum (JPHCF) arose out of a highly representative civil society-led symposium on ‘Building Partnerships to Implement Community-based Health Services in Primary Health Care’, held in September 2011. The purpose of the symposium was to create an opportunity for civil society to engage with government on the implementation of the National Department of Health’s (NDOH) Re-engineering of PHC Strategy. The symposium resulted in comprehensive recommendations.

The NDoH Re-engineering of PHC Strategy has moved the front door of the public health sector from the PHC Clinic to households in the community, a ‘space’ traditionally serviced by civil society organisations. This has necessitated greater collaboration between civil society and government to ensure the delivery of comprehensive, integrated PHC services.

Our VISION is “comprehensive, integrated PHC services for all South Africans”.

Our MISSION is to strengthen the delivery of PHC services within the district health system through: the coordination and mobilisation of civil society; enhancing collaboration between civil society and government; and disseminating information regarding the development and implementation of PHC policy.


  1. To provide an organised civil society voice with whom government can consult, negotiate and collaborate at national, provincial, district and ward evel;
  2. To contribute towards PHC policy development and implementation;
  3. To promote collaboration and partnerships between civil society and government;
  4. To initiate, support and develop projects that will strengthen the delivery of comprehensive, integrated PHC services;
  5. To convene processes to mobilize ideas and organisations where necessary;
  6. To monitor the implementation of PHC policy and services and provide feedback to stakeholders.