Chris Brooksbank, Furness Association secretary for the NUT, welcomed the Cumbrian response to the strike louis vuitton bags sale uk as almost half the county’s schools agreed to close.

Mr Brooksbank said: “That such a moderate part of the country has given such a big response says a lot louis vuitton outlet uk about the case felt by ordinary teachers over pay, workload, class size and supporting young teachers.

“Across the country problems of recruitment and retention, and increasing workload are having a big impact, and schools have increasingly relied upon the good will of all school staff.

“The NUT is concerned with getting the best possible conditions for learning for our children, abercrombie and fitch outlet uk and regrets that the government is not reasonably engaging with the profession.”

The NUT is demanding a four per cent pay rise every year until 2010, instead of the 2.4 abercrombie and fitch outlet per cent abercrombie and fitch uk increase over the same period offered by the government.

John Swainston, head of Schools and Learning at Cumbria County Council, said last night: “Many schools will remain open on Thursday, but we expect a large number will be closed due to the strike.

“We will be working closely with louis vuitton pas cher schools over the next few days to ensure that parents and carers continue to receive up to date information, and to coordinate Echarpe Louis Vuitton our services to schools.

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